St. Lucie County is exploring strategic options for the Port of Fort Pierce. The county owns 20 acres at the port, adjacent to 67 acres owned privately, as well as 12 acres that house the privately owned Indian River Terminal. The second phase report of a new master planning effort was issued in late 2013; the four key recommendations follow.

Goals & Objectives

The recommendations of the new master plan are:

  • Actively and quickly seek funding for infrastructure that may include rail/road/bridge enhancements, storm water projects and other infrastructure.
  • Seek alignment of city and county planning and code to facilitate port development.
  • Provide for a permanent, full-time, dedicated Port Director, perhaps jointly funded by the county and city, in order to enable marketing of the port and provide professional seaport operations and management.
  • Through the Harbor Advisory Committee, continue a dialogue with seaport land owners, key community groups, and city and county governance, to build alliances, consider balanced recommendations and advance economic development.

The county is striving to refresh the port’s vision and direction and set strategies for revitalization, as well as tackle heavy county unemployment. It is realigning strategic plans and goals. The new master plan may help fast-track port development and administration plans that are driven by opportunity and the community.

Current or Planned Investments

Taylor Creek Dredging

In October 2012 construction began on the spoil site for Taylor Creek Phase II. Permits have been obtained for the Phase II dredging project, the spoil site was completed in 2013, and the dredging was completed in 2014.

Second Street Reconstruction

Design and permitting for the complete reconstruction of Second Street, the primary entrance road to the port, is complete. The project included installation of upgraded water, sewer and natural gas mains to serve the entire port area. It also includes a storm water collection and treatment system to handle the Second Street right-of-way area.



Completed the recommendations issued in the Port of Fort Pierce Master Plan update.


St. Lucie, Indian River, Okeechobee, Highlands, Hendry, Glades and Martin counties.

Trade Partners

Historic partners have included the Caribbean Basin, Bahamas, Far East and Europe.


Broaden and strengthen the economic base of the regional community by providing adequate infrastructure and development processes for mixed-use port development.