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DownloadAnalysis of Global Opportunities and Challenges for Florida Seaports – DRAFT REPORTcargo, data, economic impact, exports, FSTED, imports, infrastructure investment, TEUs, tonnage, trade, trade dataNAN
Download2013/2014 to 2017/2018 Five-Year Seaport Mission Plancargo, commodities, cruise, cruise data, data, economic impact, exports, FPC, FSTED, imports, international trade, TEUs, tonnage, trade, trade data, waterborneNAN
DownloadThree-Year Comparison of Florida’s Total Waterborne Trade Tonnage (by Port) 2011-2013 and FY 2016/2017 Projectionstonnage, trade, waterborneNAN
DownloadFlorida’s Containerized Waterborne Trade by Seaport (by Value) 2012-2013trade, waterborneNAN
DownloadFlorida’s Top Ten Waterborne Export Trading Partners 2011-2013exports, partner, trade, waterborneNAN
DownloadFlorida’s Top Ten Waterborne Import Trading Partners 2011-2013imports, partner, trade, waterborneNAN
DownloadFlorida’s Top Ten Trading Partners for Waterborne Cargo (by Value) 2011-2013cargo, partner, trade, waterborneNAN
DownloadFlorida’s International Trade (by Value) with Top Ten Trading Partners 2003-2013international trade, partner, tradeNAN
DownloadFlorida’s Waterborne Trade with Global Regions (by Value) 2013 Percentages of Florida’s Import and Export Marketsexports, imports, trade, waterborneNAN
DownloadFlorida’s Waterborne Trade by Region (by Value) 2013trade, waterborneNAN