About the Program

Florida seaports are dedicated to environmental stewardship to protect the state’s natural resources through initiatives for clean air and water, fish and wildlife habitat, recycling, energy and fuel efficiency, and emergency preparedness.

Our shared commitment to sustainable port operations benefits our state and Florida’s future generations.


FPC is a proud member of the following organizations:

Green Marine is a North American environmental certification program for the maritime transportation industry. The program stems from the industry’s voluntary initiative to surpass regulatory requirements. There are currently more than 115 companies – ship owners, port authorities, terminal operators and shipyard managers – participating in the program throughout Canada and the United States. The Green Marine certification process is rigorous and transparent: the results are independently verified every two years, and each participant’s individual results are published annually. The Green Marine program’s unique character derives from the support of more than 65 environmental organizations, scientific programs, and government agencies. These supporters contribute to shaping and revising the program. Overall 22 maritime associations, in Canada and the United States, are also Green Marine members and serve as ambassadors for the environmental program.

Florida Recycling Partnership  is a coalition of businesses and associations dedicated to improving Florida’s recycling rates. Their members are proactively implementing initiatives in their organizations and companies to reduce the waste they produce, and increase recycled materials. Additionally their companies are working to create greater recycling opportunities for consumers. Their mission is to educate policy makers and the general public on the benefits of recycling. Members believe developing and adopting sustainable business practices will promote recycling, reduce waste, and increase the reuse of materials whenever possible.

The Florida Ocean Alliance is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to bringing together the private sector, academia, and nonprofit research organizations in Florida to protect and enhance Florida’s coastal and ocean resources for continued social and economic benefits.  Recognizing the interconnection of Florida to its neighbors in the Caribbean Basin, along the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Coast, the Florida Ocean Alliance is committed to positioning Florida as an international leader to integrate ocean conservation, education, and responsible economic development.