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AAPA Chair Paul Anderson Announces Organization’s Next President and CEO

AAPA Chair and President and CEO of Port Tampa Bay Paul Anderson recently announced that Cary Davis has been selected as AAPA’s next President and CEO effective October 1, 2023.

“For four years, Cary has served as the determined and energetic face of the association in the public policy realm, in addition to his corporate leadership as General Counsel and Board Secretary. He has notched numerous positive policy outcomes and grown extensive public appreciation for ports in the U.S. government and beyond,” Anderson said. “Cary’s leadership and acumen inspire supreme confidence in the board, due to his proven track record.”

The vetting process considered multiple strong candidates and occurred over five months, after which the specially convened selection committee unanimously recommended Cary to the board. The board of the 112-year-old AAPA unanimously adopted that recommendation.

Cary speaks our business in a way policymakers and international maritime partners can understand. His enthusiasm creates an understanding that seaports are at the heart of a modern, global economy. Most importantly, he knows how to tell a compelling, collaborative industry story. These skills spring from his years on the leadership team of AAPA and from having represented Global500 supply chain firms in private practice, from having served on Capitol Hill, and from having served in the Executive Branch.

Our industry coalition’s abilities have been tested across recent years of trade protectionism and a novel pandemic, and we have come out stronger. Cary is the right leader to keep us growing and innovating together now and in the future.

“AAPA’s board of directors is excited for the association’s next era,” Anderson added.