2019 NIT League Transportation Summit

Address: San Antonio, TX


The National Industrial Transportation League Transportation Summit brings together leading professionals from across the freight transportation sector for three days of focused learningnetwork building, and forward thinking. Its highly targeted content and numerous opportunities for small group and one-on-one discussions provide you with information and insights you can apply right away and throughout the year.

Focused Learning

The Summit packs plenty of educational punch into its program, and its relaxed atmosphere and flexible schedule allow attendees to continue discussing ideas and sharing insights after sessions and meetings end. Here are just some of the learning opportunities available at the Summit:

  • presentations and panel discussions about rail, ocean, and highway freight transportation issues featuring government officials, economists, business analysts, and industry executives;
  • modal committee meetings (highway, ocean, and rail) that explore issues affecting freight transportation and efforts being taken by NITL to address them.

Network Building

Summit attendees have numerous formal and informal opportunities to engage with one another and strengthen their professional network. Networking opportunities include—

  • receptions that brings together stakeholders from across the industry.
  • dinner at the Summit hotel.

Forward Thinking

What lies ahead for the freight transportation industry? That’s the #1 question on the minds of forward-thinking shippers and carriers—and the focus of the NIT League Transportation Summit. Here are some of the ways the Summit helps you prepare for the challenges to come:

  • sessions on building a transportation survival toolkit;
  • structured and unstructured opportunities to interact with industry peers in meaningful ways; and
  • opportunities to share ideas and concepts that can lead to short- and long-term NITL initiatives.

For more information or to register for the summit click here NITL Transportation Summit