2022 Transportation Summer Camp

Location: Boca Raton, FL

Better Transportation

Awaken your imagination by joining us for the 2022 Transportation Summer Camp in Boca Raton,  July 6-8 , where professionals come together to make or renew friendships, forge new partnerships, learn new concepts and be motivated to view our world from different perspectives.

The 2022 Transportation Summer Camp is the premier networking event that is brought to you by Floridians for Better Transportation. It is your opportune time to collaborate with colleagues, the executives of Florida Department of Transportation (including, perhaps, a newly appointed Secretary), members of the Florida Transportation Commission, elected officials with the Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council, members of the FTP/SIS Steering Committee, and USDOT – all represented during the 3-day conference! We also welcome legislators, nationally recognized speakers (including some of your favorites from the past), and leading professionals from aviation, rail, transit, seaports, space and the highway/construction industries.

As always, our entertainment, food, and venue activities promise to be spectacular, providing even more networking opportunities!