TRANSPLEX (Transportation Planning Exchange)

Location: WEBINAR

TransPlex (Transportation Planning Exchange); Florida’s premier event for collaborating with transportation planners, engineers, and policy makers throughout the state to Plan, Connect, and Innovate our way into Florida’s future. This event focuses on providing sessions and networking opportunities that support the exchange of experiences, ideas, and best practices among attendees. There are many conferences in Florida and nationally that provide excellent learning opportunities from thought leaders and communities on the leading edge, but few are designed to allow for attendees to also learn from their peers and understand how to apply concepts presented during the sessions in their own communities. Come to TransPlex to hear from both local and national leaders in innovation and how your peers have applied these innovations in their own communities.

A total of fifteen TransPlex webinars will be held during a series of four 90-minute sessions.  Attendees can register for the webinar of their choice for each of the four sessions.   To view the session descriptions, presenters, and to register for a session, click on the TransPlex Webinar Program below.  To start your registration for each session, click on the title of the session and you be directed to the session registration page.

TransPlex Webinar Program

Presenter biographies can be accessed here.

Good news! The announcement of the FDOT Innovation in Transportation Planning Awards will go on as planned.  Please click here to register for the webinar session to remotely participate in the official award ceremony.  Alternatively, you can click on the Awards session title in the TransPlex Webinar Program.