Innovation and Efficiency on U.S. – Mexico Logistics

Location: Greenberg Traurig, P.A.

Address: 333 S.E.2nd. Avenue, Suite 4400, Miami, FL 33131


According to USTR, a daily average of $1.67 billion dollars in merchandise, parts and final products were traded between the United States and Mexico in 2018. The highly integrated supply chain between both countries implies that parts and components on average cross the border more than 6 times before they become a final product. These dynamic and challenging crossings require constant innovation, infrastructure improvements, security and port of entry diversification to avoid congestions and increase efficiency. In this regard, our conference is aimed to address the following:

Discussion Topics

  • Analysis of the current environment of trade disputes, tariff uncertainty, country first policies and their implications on foreign trade.
  • Compliance, security and customs challenges and solution alternatives.
  • USMCA ratification process and potential benefits and opportunities for Florida companies.
  • U.S.-Mexico Customs Authorities coordination and collaboration.
  • Cross-border diversification through maritime and air routes between Mexico and Florida.
  • Infrastructure on maritime and air routes, ports, airports and Florida intermodal logistics to connect Mexico and the U.S.

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