NOAA Equipment Dedication at Port Everglades

Location: Follow road signs to Cruise Terminal 29 and drive through gate 29B. Your vehicle will be allowed to park on the dock.

Address: 2200 SE 35th Street, Hollywood, FL

On Friday, June 8 at 11AM, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will be at Port Everglades to dedicate equipment that provides real-time metrological and oceanographic information that is accessible to the public online and by phone.

The data that this equipment measures benefits boaters, commercial mariners and researchers preparing for environmental changes from storms and climate change.

The newly installed Port Everglades Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System (PORTS®) is available on the Port’s website at (top of page under Tides & Currents) or via phone at 866-213-5269.

Speakers during the dedication include:

– Richard Edwing, NOAA Director of Operational Oceanographic Products and Services
– Glenn Wiltshire, Port Everglades Deputy Port Director
– Chip LaMarca, Broward County Commissioner
– Dr. Jennifer Jurado, Broward County Chief Resilience Officer, Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division
– Frank Gernert, Commissioner for the Florida Inland Navigation District

SECURITY: Be prepared to show a valid government-issued photo ID at the security checkpoint.

PORTS® is a decision support tool that improves the safety and efficiency of maritime commerce and coastal resource management through the integration of real-time environmental observations, forecasts and other geospatial information. PORTS® measures and disseminates observations and predictions of water levels, currents, and meteorological parameters (e.g., winds, atmospheric pressure, air and water temperatures) that mariners need to navigate safely. The installation includes a Micro-Wave water level sensor (MWWL) that is a non-contact highly accurate sensor used to measure distance and can be used to monitor long-term sea level changes. The back-up water level sensor is a pressure-based sensor that measures water-level. The meteorological station has been located on the roof of the Port’s Harbormaster Tower and is outfitted with primary back-up wind sensors that provide wind speed and direction.