Location: Virtual

Why Attend TPM21?

The world’s largest container shipping conference

Indeed, why attend a weeklong virtual conference? The reasons, especially in 2021, are both strategic and tactical. Strategically, how much and how quickly the world has changed since the onset of covid-19 can’t be understated. The impact on logistics and supply chains is sweeping and the future looks very different from how it looked a year ago. That is why our theme for TPM21 is “Redefining the Future”. Over the course of 70 sessions we will explore in depth how the future will be different and how you can be prepared.

Tactically, the need to line up the right business partners for what will certainly be a challenging 2021 will be critical. TPM21 attendees will be able to network with other attendees throughout the week, utilizing features within the virtual platform. Networking at TPM21 will include one-to-one live chat, video calling, connecting with attendees, speakers and partners. We have optimized the platform to suggest connections based on your interests, making the search for new business opportunities and expanding existing relationships with colleagues easier. Please note, you will be asked to “opt-in” to allow these features during registration. Once opted in, you will receive all the benefits of the TPM21 virtual platform. We look forward to seeing you there.

TPM21 networking features include but are not limited to:

  • Live chat
  • Video calls
  • View and filter the live attendee list by keywords such as sector, job title and company
  • Connect with TPM attendees, speakers, and partners
  • Request meetings with partners
  • Integrate your social profiles i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Access “suggested connections” based on your individual interest

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