USMCA Series: Myths & Facts of the Supply Chain Reconfiguration and Regionalization

Location: Webinar

The United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce invites you to a webinar part of our USMCA series to discuss the myths and facts of the supply chain reconfiguration in the region.


  • USMCA: Benefits and challenges for the development, integration and strengthening of regional supply chains.
  • Advances, hitches and glitches on the implementation of the agreement and implications for the regional supply chain and production.
  • Would stricter labor requirements, rules of origin, local content, and compliance costs, may undermine the competitiveness of goods produced under the USMCA?
  • Is the reshoring and nearshoring of supply chains to North America an efficient and overall cost-effective alternative to lower-labor-cost economies and regions? What are the advantages and tradeoffs?
  • Customs, transportation and logistics under the new agreement and their ramifications for the North American supply chain.
  • Overview on most potentially benefit industries by locally integrating their supply chains.
  • Participation and assimilation of small and medium size businesses in North American supply chains.

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