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First Cargo Vessel Arrival at Port Canaveral’s Newly Rebuilt North Cargo Berth 3

Port Canaveral reached a historic milestone with the inaugural arrival of the Saga Welco vessel, Saga Morus, the first ship to dock and unload at the Port’s newly-renovated North Cargo Berth 3 (NCB3).  The Saga Morus, carrying approximately 11,000 cubic meters of high-quality OSB plywood from Latvia, equivalent to 4,189 bundles for Kronospan USA, a renowned wood-based panels manufacturer based in Alabama. The vessel measures over 650 feet long, 160 feet high, and 105 feet wide.

“We are excited to mark the operational launch of the reconstructed North Cargo Berth 3,” stated Capt. John Murray, Port Canaveral CEO. “This is the beginning of a new era for our port, broadening the foundation for continued growth of our cargo operations and fostering future business opportunities.”

Mike Noyes, President of Ambassador Services International (ASI), a terminal operator at Port Canaveral, emphasized the significance of this achievement, stating, “The activation of this new berth is a monumental leap forward for cargo operations at Port Canaveral, benefiting the entire maritime community and signaling a promising future.”

Under the agreed terms with Kronospan, ASI will receive an annual supply of 64,000 cubic meters, with six ship arrivals expected each year. The OSB plywood shipments will primarily serve locations in central and southern Florida, while some deliveries will reach destinations in northern Florida and beyond state lines.

“We’re expecting this to be a long-term partnership,” said Mike Orsino, OSB plywood sales manager with Kronospan. “We currently bring material into other ports in the U.S. and looked at this as being a strategic location for us and our customers.”

Continuing the maritime traditions, Port Canaveral CEO Capt. Murray and Canaveral Port Authority Commissioner Wayne Justice, presented Saga Morus Captain Anoop Thomas with a commemorative plaque, a customary gesture for ships calling on Port Canaveral for the first time.