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Florida Ports are at the forefront in reducing marine litter

An international maritime pollution treaty (MARPOL) prohibits discharge of wastes from ships into the sea and the United States has incorporated specific provisions of this treaty into law.

A large cruise ship generates about 1,000 tons of waste per day and a substantial portion of a ship’s waste consists of:


Florida-bound cargo and cruise ships and ocean-going tankers are regulated to contain and store the above wastes for final land-based disposal. To ensure adequate facilities are available to efficiently meet a ship’s waste disposal needs, Florida Ports and their tenants have invested millions of dollars for the necessary capital and human resources. Additionally, disposal of ship-generated wastes is carefully managed by Florida Ports to ensure wastes are recycled and/or disposed in full compliance with MARPOL, EPA, and U.S. Coast Guard regulations. 

Florida ports have been certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to provide adequate facilities or services for ships to offload and manage plastic, metal, paper/cardboard, and oily wastes.

Florida ports are committed to reducing marine litter and protecting our oceans.