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Future roadway expansion plan benefits Florida ports, economy

FPC’s support of the M-CORES program

With Florida having one of the highest populations in the nation and an ever-growing economy, our state has a responsibility to keep all of our modes of transportation open for travel and business. The “Innovation in Infrastructure” plan will create new transportation and economic opportunities in Florida, which is why the Florida Ports Council proudly stands in support of the M-CORES program and the task forces studying the corridors to implement the roads.

Florida must anticipate and plan for future growth, especially in terms of infrastructure, and the three new planned roadways detailed in the Innovation in Infrastructure plan will be very helpful with keeping up with our trade, tourism and transportation needs, especially as new businesses move to or open in Florida. By giving our ever-increasing number of commuters and travelers an increase in alternative routes, congestion and traffic will decrease, resulting in smoother travel, commerce and trade — a change welcomed by all.

This plan is also going to be a great help to the competition and development of businesses in Florida, helping to keep Florida a large economic hub. For all these reasons, we look forward to the advancement of the plan and the benefits it will bring to Florida.

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