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Legislature Passes Bill Eliminating Costly and Duplicative Regulations at Florida’s Seaports

TALLAHASSEE, FL- Yesterday, the Florida House of Representatives passed HB 283 by Representative Dana Young (R-Tampa) which repeals costly and duplicative regulations at Florida’s seaports. The measure now heads to Governor Scott for his approval, who has previously indicated that he would sign the legislation.

“The legislature passed this bill because they recognize that this common sense solution will allow Florida’s Ports to be more competitive, while also saving businesses and workers money” said Doug Wheeler, President of the Florida Ports Council.

HB 283 streamlines security regulations at Florida’s 14 Seaports by eliminating unnecessary state duplication with the comprehensive federal security law that is used across the country.

Florida is the only state subject to both state and federal seaport security requirements, including duplicative background checks and access cards which puts Florida’s ports at a competitive disadvantage and is costly to port users and workers.

Florida Ports Council Chairman and Port Director of Port Everglades Phil Allen indicated that the bill was the “number one legislative priority of the Council” and went on to say that the Legislature “deserved praise for their support for a more effective and more cost efficient approach to port security that recognizes the progress Florida ports have made over the past decade. Florida ports recognize the importance of security and the continued economic value they provide to the state’s economy and passage of this key legislation will assist our customers in remaining competitive with other ports in other states.”