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Port Canaveral’s Business Continues to Grow

Blue Water Industries and Ambassador Service International will soon be importing between 400,000 to 800,000 metric tons annually of various sized aggregate through Port Canaveral. The aggregate will be used in construction projects throughout Florida and the Southeastern U.S.

“This is solid cargo business for our Port and a great business win for our partners at Ambassador,” stated Port CEO, Capt. John Murray. “Our Port’s location and ASI’s operation expansion provided Blue Water with a winning opportunity to more efficiently move product from point of origin to point of use.”

The first offload of 52,000 metric tons from the M/V Bulk Valor was celebrated with the traditional plaque exchange between the ship’s master, Capt. Enver Akcora, and Port CEO Capt. John Murray to welcome the crew on their inaugural visit to Port Canaveral. 

Port Canaveral has a long history of handling a broad mix of bulk and breakbulk cargos, including aggregates, petroleum products, lumber and building materials, among other commodities. Cargo throughput numbers at Port Canaveral have been steadily increasing year-over-year, hitting new high volumes of tonnage in the last fiscal year (2022).