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Port of Palm Beach implements new safety & security platform

- Port of Palm Beach

The Port of Palm Beach is now using a real-time comprehensive situational awareness platform from STRAX Intelligence Group.

“As the 18th busiest container Port in the country, my fellow Port Commisisoners and I understand the importance of investing in security upgrades. We want everyone working or visiting the Port to feel safe when they are here,” said Port of Palm Beach District Chairman Wayne M. Richards.

The STRAX platform provides numerous features and benefits to the Port, its tenants, stakeholders and the public.

“This system enhances the Port’s ability to effectively prevent, detect, respond and recover from acts of aggression, terror and/or natural disasters,” said Kenneth Hern, Senior Director of Port Operations and Security.

The platform allows Port security staff members to access, in real-time:

  • Port camera feeds
  • vessel traffic movements
  • ShotSpotter
  • Emergency response plans for vessels and facilities
  • Weather alerts
  • aviation radar
  • Port hurricane plan
  • Text alerts
  • Panic alarms

“The intent is to give our law enforcement partners access to the system so they can see what’s happening in real-time at the local, state and federal level, in case of an emergency. This in turn will lead to faster response times and increase safety to the community,” Hern said.

Upon full implementation, the Port will share access to the system with United States Coast Guard Sector Miami, United States Customs and Border Protection, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Riviera Beach. The agencies will also be able to receive text emergency alerts and emails through STRAX Platform.

Scott Adams, CEO and Co-Founder of STRAX Intelligence Group says, “We look forward to working with the Port of Palm Beach to deliver solutions that meet their current security requirements while also providing them with a platform that offers advanced technology to adapt and expand to meet their future needs.”

The Port of Palm Beach District Board of Commissioners approved the adoption of STRAX in the October Regular Board meeting. The platform is partially funded by a Florida Department of Transportation Port security grant.

“This state of the art technology is a positive step in making our seaport safer,” said Port Executive Director Manuel Almira.

The Port of Palm Beach is the first seaport in the U.S. to implement the STRAX system.

About Port of Palm Beach

Located in Riviera Beach, the Port of Palm Beach is a full-service, diversified port, offering cruise and cargo services to more than 30 onsite tenants and users. At 162 acres, the Port’s efficiency is unparalleled, processing more than $7 billion in commodities, 2.5 million tons of cargo, and 500,000 cruise passengers annually. As one of the largest employers in Palm Beach County, the Port of Palm Beach and its tenants employ more than 2,850 people. Through the contribution of more than $185 million in business revenue and $17.5 million in tenant- contributed state and local annual tax revenue, the Port of Palm Beach is a large economic engine in South Florida. For more information, visit

About STARX Intelligence Group

Based in Boca Raton, FL. STRAX Intelligence Group develops technology for public Safety, Government, and Commercial Organizations that delivers real-time comprehensive situational awareness along with real-time video and data analytics. The STRAX Platform is a common operating platform built for both emergency response and security. By integrating existing systems and data such as tip apps, duress buttons, sensors, and video feeds enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics, The STRAX Platform improves response and increases officer and community safety.