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Port Panama City is committed to promoting trade and building modern seaport facilities

In the last fifteen years, the Panama City Port Authority has invested $150 million in expanding and modernizing its facilities. The Port has increased its cargo activities threefold and has been actively supporting existing industries and attracting new industry to the region.

The most significant investment to date is the Port’s $60 million development of its new East Terminal. This project included purchasing the old “Bay Harbour” docks and warehouses in Millville. The existing facilities were quite old and very limited in terms of water depths and cargo capacity. The new East Terminal facility includes deeper water and a modern warehouse with twice the capacity of the old buildings. More important, there is room on the East Terminal site for a second deep berth and two more cargo warehouses.

Port Panama City’s New East Terminal

The East Terminal development has added over 500,000 tons of new capacity for handling paper, pulp, and lumber. Future improvements at the East Terminal can add another 1,000,000 tons of cargo capacity. Over time this facility can help the Port of Panama City become one of the most important forest products export ports in the country.

In addition to facilitating the export of forest products worldwide, the Port has carved out a strong niche for handling imported copper from South America and is building a valuable two-way trade of consumer products with Mexico. All of these activities are expected to grow, especially the forest products exports and the trade with Mexico.

The Port’s investment in new facilities have allowed the Port of Panama City to become one of the most modern, efficient regional Ports in the country. More important, the Port continues to provide and increase positive economic benefits throughout Northwest Florida.