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Port Tampa Bay Prepares for Annual Hurricane Exercise

Port Tampa Bay will be hosting its 12th annual Hurricane Preparedness Exercise on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. This year, there will be a presentation by the National Weather Service which will educate attendees on services and products that are available during the approach of a storm, what they are, and how they can be used. The National Weather Service will also lead the discussion on past seasons, the outlook for the upcoming season, useful storm product updates, and provide a thought-provoking Situational Storm Scenario.   

Each year, the Hurricane Preparedness Exercise is held with the National Weather Service to refine and improve our response to a storm. The port invites several external partners including the United States Coast Guard; Customs, Border and Protection; Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office; CSX Railroad; various tug companies; and port tenants, among others. The meeting is open to the public and designed to help several emergency response agencies talk through a response to a severe storm. 

The National Weather Service will also lead the discussion on other weather events, such as strong fronts (which have the potential to cause damage locally and disrupt shipping), as well as fog events, and low-water warnings. As we approach hurricane season, Port Tampa Bay will continue to minimize risks and increase emergency preparedness to keep our communities running and our citizens safe. 

Port Tampa Bay is honored to serve the state, our community, and most importantly, you – our neighbors. As a community, we are stronger together.

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