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President’s Message: April 2022

Michael Rubin
President & CEO

Florida seaports continue making a difference in helping resolve supply chain disruptions. Our seaports are Open for Business and new business continues making its way to Florida ports. New shipping lines and new container services have already been added, and many of our ports are in talks with carriers about even more business calling on the Sunshine State. You’ll see more about the successes our ports are experiencing in this month’s newsletter.

Certainly, there are pockets of national and international volatility, like the Shanghai COVID lockdowns which could impact Asian goods getting into the U.S. market, and of course the war in Ukraine is having an impact on key imports, particularly wheat.

But Florida is in a strong position, and in many cases, our seaports are actually insulated from other international volatilities.

Consider fuel. Refined fuel coming to Florida seaports primarily makes its way from Louisiana and Texas. Florida ports are not refinery ports, therefore raw crud like the now banned Russian oil, historically doesn’t make its way into Florida seaports.

In other cases, Florida’s seaports actually stand to gain from some instabilities closer to home.

In California for example, where port labor talks are underway, history shows these negotiations have often led to a logjam of cargo ships moored at sea. Shipping lines are well aware of this history, and of course, many recently experienced the logjam delays that were brought on, in part, by the pandemic.

Shipping lines continue to tell us that Florida’s uncongested berths, and our efficient and reliable seaports are among the reasons they are changing trading lanes and diverting to the Sunshine State.

As newly appointed Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jared Perdue settles into his new position, we look forward to working with him and building on our strong relationship with the agency. FDOT and Governor Ron DeSantis continue to be supportive of the advances Florida’s seaports are making, and we feel confident this increased economic activity will only continue.

Momentum is strong, and the collaborative efforts of our seaports working together is benefitting Florida. Florida’s seaports are connecting commerce.