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President’s Message: February 2024

Mike Rubin President & CEO

Lawmakers are barreling toward the end of the 2024 Legislative Session, and there are outstanding bills and the state budget that are yet to be ironed out.

With just three weeks remaining, lawmakers are now poised to begin budget negotiations in which they will determine allocations for Florida’s system of public seaports. And, they continue to tackle legislative proposals that could have an impact on the Sunshine State’s 16 seaports. For example, HB 1301, a transportation bill containing Florida Department of Transportation priorities, calls for creating a Supply Chain Innovation Grant Program.

At the Florida Ports Council, we’ve advocated for lawmakers to Seas the Opportunities to further strengthen Florida’s system of seaports, and lead as America’s supply chain solution. Florida’s ports have not only proven that we can lead in helping resolve the supply chain disruptions that plagued the U.S. in the last several years, but Florida’s ports also have successfully secured new lines of business that prefer our reliable, resilient, and ready ports.

More and more cargo lines have changed shipping lanes, diverting from inefficient ports in other states, to call on Florida’s ports.  As a result, we’ve experienced back-to-back record-high cargo growth, further positioning Florida to be America’s supply chain solution.

In just the last few weeks, Florida’s Seaport Transportation and Economic Development Council unveiled this latest data which shows Florida’s system of seaports handled 114.25 million tons of cargo in 2023, shattering the record-high 112.5 million tons of cargo moved one year earlier.

“The entire world knows that if you want to move cargo efficiently and effectively, you need to use Florida’s ports,” Governor Ron DeSantis said of the latest seaport economic data. “While other states like California have continued to experience supply chain disruptions in the past year due to mismanagement, Florida is setting new records. The Sunshine State continues to be America’s supply chain solution.”

WATCH VIDEO: Seas the Opportunities with Florida’s Seaports

In the next few weeks, we’ll continue encouraging additional cargo shipping business to Florida’s ports when several of our port directors meet face-to-face with maritime decision makers during TPM2024 – the premier conference for international container shipping. These one-on-one conversations have been instrumental in securing new shipping lines and increased cargo calling on Florida.

As we look to the future, and our efforts to ensure our ports are poised to meet the growing infrastructure needs, I want to extend my sincere appreciation for the leadership I see at each port.

Finally, here’s a friendly reminder that Port Everglades is seeking new leadership to replace Jonathan Daniels who recently moved to the Port of Baltimore. Alliance Resource Consulting has been appointed to conduct a search, with David McDonald and Sherrill Uyeda heading it up for the Broward County Administrator.  You can learn more details about the opening by visiting, and selecting the “Port Everglades, Broward County” site. 

As lawmakers bring this legislative session in for a landing, we’ll continue to keep you apprised of the latest bills and budget items impacting our ports.

Thank you.