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President’s Message: January 2023

Mike Rubin
President & CEO

The New Year is off to a roaring start.

Lawmakers are holding legislative committee meetings in their lead-up to the start of legislative session, already surveying the landscape to identify where transportation investments should be deployed. TPM2023 is just around the corner, where Florida’s delegation of seaport leaders will be on an economic development mission to grow our cargo book of business. And in the coming days, the Florida Ports Council will launch strengthened efforts to reinforce cargo and cruising opportunities afforded by the third largest state in the country.

Combined, these efforts send a strong message that Florida’s seaports—your U.S. gateway to the world – is ready.

Whether your destination is for pleasure or meeting supply chain demands, Florida’s 16 ports are reliable – getting goods from ship to shelf, and getting you to your dream cruise destination.

Florida’s ports are resilient. They use state-of-the art technology to protect our environment, and protect against Mother Nature, while also ensuring precious cargo like food and fuel are unloaded and delivered on time.

Bottom line is that Florida’s seaports are reliable, resilient and ready, and that’s a message you’ll hear throughout the year as we continue to make sure Florida is where your ship comes in.

Your support of seaports is vital to the overall strength of Florida’s growing population and our economic footprint.

As we look forward to the year ahead, it’s full steam ahead for Florida seaports.