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President’s Message: March 2023

Mike Rubin
President & CEO

Port directors, seaport leaders and maritime professions gathered in Tallahassee last week to host Seaports Day at the Capitol. Led by FPC Chair and Port Everglades Chief Executive and Port Director Jonathan Daniels, port leaders met with elected leaders to discuss how Florida’s seaports are celebrating new record-breaking cargo levels for 2022, and there’s no sign of it slowing down in the future.

While our ports are beaming with success, they know there’s more to be done to ensure this success doesn’t fade. With special thanks to Governor DeSantis, the Florida Legislature and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), our seaports have seen strong investments over the years.  These investments have secured more cargo, new shipping lines calling on Florida and boosted container TEUs to new records.

But it has also led our competitors in Texas, Georgia and up the Eastern seaboard to take notice. As a result, competing states are investing more to shore up their competitive edge, and Florida simply must not fall behind. With lawmakers in session, now is the opportunity to help ensure they fully understand the importance of continued investments.

We know that Florida’s seaports are reliable, resilient and ready for more cargo, and we know that one way we can remain resilient is through working with our partners in the industry. I hope you’ll join me at the Fuel Resiliency and Summit Supply Chain conference hosted by FDOT in Tampa on April 27-28.

Finally, I’m extending a very special thank you to all of our port directors and staff that came to Florida’s Capitol for our Seaports Day and spring legislative board meetings. Your support is appreciated.