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President’s Message: May 2022

Mike Rubin
President & CEO

It’s World Trade Month, and in Florida, we know the important role international trade plays in our state’s economy.

Florida is a top maritime trade state, facilitating trade in the global marketplace. Our seaports act as an economic multiplier, contributing billions to Florida’s economy and creating jobs and a higher standard of living for residents.

By making strategic investments in port infrastructure, Florida’s seaports are highly competitive. As the supply chain crisis has shown, Florida ports have become a major player in getting goods to market.

Florida’s 15 seaports are highly integrated into the state’s transportation infrastructure, and together comprise a major component of the state’s annual capital investment and economic output.

Our 21 Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) are second only to Texas. FTZs allow businesses within the zone to receive, warehouse and re-export products duty-free – reducing costs and increasing global competitiveness.

While our seaports facilitate trade in the global marketplace, each port is firmly rooted in a unique Floridan community, meaning project development begins at the local level with community outreach and public engagement.

As you’ll see in this month’s newsletter, the “state of seaports in Florida” is strong. Our ports are seeing record growth in cargo, cruising has come back strong, and as cruise industry executives report, cruising will soon be back to pre-pandemic levels.

Florida seaports are open for business, and more cargo shippers are avoiding congestion and embracing the efficiencies our ports provide, and choosing Florida for their long-term shipping solutions.

As Florida seaports have shown, we’re on the move toward great things.

This World Trade Month, we celebrate our role in global world trade, and look forward to showing the world that Florida is built for getting goods from ship to shelf.