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Seaport resiliency discussions continue with FSTED Security Committee

Florida Department of Emergency Management (FDEM) Director Jared Moskowitz and Deputy Director Kevin Guthrie joined members of Florida seaports in a roundtable discussion about resiliency, fuel distribution and emergency response this month. The Florida Seaport Transportation Economic Development Council (FSTED) Security Advisory Committee meeting was held at Port Canaveral on November 7th and included discussion of the State Seaport Security Grant Program, seaport resiliency plans and projects, and other issues.

These discussions come on the heels of the release of the Seaports Resiliency Report, which illustrates proactive measures taken by Florida ports to remain resilient in the face of sea-level rise and natural disasters. Ports are critical in post-disaster recovery, and Florida ports have worked with state and local governments and utility providers to harden electrical infrastructure, to build power redundancy, and to receive priority power restoration. But the opportunity to improve remains and Florida seaports are dedicated to working with state partners and each other to continue emergency preparedness.

About the Seaport Security Advisory Committee

The Seaport Security Advisory Committee was created by the Florida Legislature as an advisory Committee under the direction of the Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic Development Council. The Committee consists of port security directors and professional employed by Florida’s seaports, local law enforcement agencies providing security services at Florida seaports, and ex-officio designees from the United States Coast Guard and the United States Customs and Border Protection agency.

The Committee has a statutory responsibility to provide a forum for discussion of seaport security issues, including, but not limited to, matters such as national and state security strategy and policy, actions required to meet current and future security threats, statewide cooperation on security issues, and security concerns of the state’s maritime industry.