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Riviera Beach Police, Port of Palm Beach Team Up for Safety

The Riviera Beach Police Department and Port of Palm Beach are teaming up on a new and innovative partnership aimed at enhancing safety and security. As part of this initiative, a full-time Riviera Beach Police Department officer will be dedicated to patrolling the Port of Palm Beach, marking the first collaboration of its kind between the department and the port.

This unique partnership emerged from the foresight of both agencies, with a shared commitment to maintaining safety for all who work and visit the Port of Palm Beach. By assigning a dedicated police officer to the port, the Riviera Beach Police Department can respond more quickly to incidents, work more closely with port security, and foster a greater sense of safety within the port community.

“This partnership couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Port Executive Director Michael Meekins. “As the Port begins to embark on one of the largest infrastructure projects to date, it is of great value for us to have a full-time dedicated officer onsite overseeing both landside and marine operations. This new initiative adds to the longtime relationship we’ve had with our local law enforcement, who’ve always had access to conduct training operations at the Port.”

The collaboration signifies a strategic approach to public safety, reinforcing the shared goals of ensuring a secure environment for maritime activities, commerce, and tourism at the Port of Palm Beach.

“We are excited to launch this partnership, which represents a significant step forward in public safety for our community,” said Michael Coleman, Riviera Beach Chief of Police. “By working closely with the Port of Palm Beach, we aim to create a safer environment for everyone. This partnership is just the beginning, with further collaborations planned to strengthen safety protocols and community engagement.”