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Special Session Underway; Regular Session Update

The Florida Legislature is holding a special session this week (November 15-19) to push back against federal mask and vaccination mandates.

Lawmakers will consider a series of bills which include ensuring workers can receive exemptions from employer-required vaccinations; preventing government employers from requiring workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19; reinforcing the state’s “Parents Bill of Rights” law to shield schoolchildren from mask and vaccination mandates; moving toward withdrawing from federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) oversight; and prohibiting the state surgeon general from forcing people to be vaccinated.

Lawmakers, and Governor Ron DeSantis also continue gearing up for the regularly scheduled session which begins January 11, 2022. Gov. DeSantis has begun announcing portions of his budget proposals, recently unveiling his education budget priorities. This is an important step, and an indication that Gov. DeSantis is likely to announce his transportation/infrastructure/logistics-related budget in the very near future.

The Florida Ports Council will keep you apprised as state budget activity continues to advance.