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Statement on Federal Funding Recommendations

“Florida has invested billions in the state’s seaports and is clearly focused on making sure they are ready for expanded trade opportunities. Recently announced national new start funding recommendations represent critical components for key infrastructure dredging projects at Florida seaports. While the need for continuous port development and expansion remains, it is encouraging to see the federal government stepping up to recognize the importance of seaport investments by committing critical funds to these strategic seaport projects.”
– Florida Ports Council President and CEO Doug Wheeler

The federal seaport funding recommendations will kick-start the following projects to ensure Florida remains competitive by addressing capacity projects:

  • Port Everglades: $2.8 million in preconstruction engineering and design to dredge the channel from 42 feet to 48 feet to ensure Port Everglades can accommodate the newer generation of larger cargo ships.
  • JAXPORT: $17.5 million in new start construction funds to deepen the 40-foot channel to 47 feet so JAXPORT is able to accept more cargo aboard the largest container ships transiting the Panama and Suez Canals.
  • Port Tampa Bay: New start funding of $9 million for a dredge project to deepen the Big Bend channel from 34 feet to 43 feet and widen the channel from 200 feet to 250 feet to service larger ships.