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The Worst Non-War-Related Backup the World Has Seen

The supply chain nightmare continues to drag on. Just days before Christmas, Maersk issued a warning about delays heading to West Coast Ports.

Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach congestion at historic high levels: As reported previously, the Nov. 16 queuing process change now assigns queues based on Last Port of Call departures and provides calculated Time of Arrival at LA/LB by which schedules are set. As such, latest reporting indicates that there are 133 vessels heading to San Pedro bay with delays to proforma schedule stretching upwards of 41 days.

Some experts are now calling the supply chain logjam occurring on the West Coast the worse non-war-related backup the world has ever seen.

“More than likely, if you consume anything at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’re going to consume something that has been handled through Port Everglades,” said Jonathan Daniels, Florida Ports Council Chair and Director of Port Everglades.

“We’re seeing a situation where the supply chain was not built and cannot keep up with the current problems that are occurring. Some of the products that are supposed to get into distribution centers aren’t going to be on shelves for another 6-8 months,” Daniels explained to CBS Miami.

Yet Port Everglades is staying ahead of the problem through investments and strategic planning, and they’re back to pre-pandemic cargo volumes and poised to handle larger container volumes to help alleviate congestion at other U.S. seaports.

“Thanks to the hard work of our terminal operators and the dedication of the labor members, the new year is starting out strong,” said Daniels.

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