U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Releases 2019 Work Plan

The U.S. Army Corps released its 2019 Work Plan on Wednesday, November 21st. The 2019 Work Plan includes Operation and Maintenance dredging at several seaports – including the allocation of federal “Donor and Energy Port” funds to Port Everglades and PortMiami. The 2019 Work Plan also includes Construction dredging funds for deepening projects at JAXPORT and Port Panama City. The Corps has allocated $46 million to continue the deepening project at JAXPORT, and $4 million to deepen the harbor at the new Eastpoint Terminal at Port Panama City.

These federal dollars will be matched by state and local funds to continue the federal and state investments in Florida’s seaport infrastructure. These investments are an integral part of the state’s efforts to enhance the catalysts of commerce at our state’s port facilities.

Read more about it on the Army Corps’ website here.