Water Legislation — WRDA and Appropriations

Today the U.S. House passed the America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 (S 3021 (includes WRDA)), and sent the bill to the U.S. Senate for their vote. The expectation is that the Senate will take the bill up and send it to the President by the end of next week.

The bill contains a variety of legislation aimed at water projects like Herbert Hoover/South Florida dike issues around Lake Okeechobee. The legislation also continues to stress the need for the Army Corps to accelerate the process for moving projects forward more efficiently and at lower cost – including more authority for non-federal interests acting on behalf of the Corps. Additional information on the legislation is available at the House Transportation Committee webpage here —

The U.S. House also will be passing this evening the “minibus” appropriations legislation (HR 5895) that includes funding for water development. The appropriations bill includes $7 billion in funding for the Army Corps. This funding includes $3.2 billion for navigation projects and studies, and the authorization of five (5) “new starts” in the Corps’ Construction Account, with three (3) of those designated for navigation projects. The bill does not specifically designate any Florida port construction projects, but does include operation and maintenance funding for the following Florida port harbors:

  • Canaveral Harbor — $4.149 million
  • Port Everglades Harbor — $5.85 million
  • Jacksonville Harbor — $6.56 million
  • Manatee Harbor — $3.845 million
  • Miami Harbor — $6.07 million
  • Palm Beach Harbor — $2.785 million
  • Panama City Harbor — $55,000
  • Pensacola Harbor — $1.39 million
  • Tampa Harbor — $980,000

The “minibus” appropriations bill has already passed out of the Senate, and we expect the House to pass the bill this evening and send it to the President for his signature.

We are trying to set up additional meetings with the Army Corps during our visit to D.C. on September 25th and 26th to meet with the Army Corps to discuss the 2019 and 2020 Corps’ Work Plan, and we will provide you with additional information when it becomes available.