The Port of Key West includes cruise berths at Mallory Square, the Navy’s Outer Mole Pier, and the privately owned Pier B at the Weston Resort. The city also maintains a domestic ferry terminal in the Key West Bight. These facilities constitute one of the busiest ports-of-call in the nation and one of the state’s strongest and most sustained ferry port operations.

The Port of Key West is a major economic engine for the city and local businesses, bringing in almost a million total passengers per year resulting in a local business impact of approximately $85,000,000. The port provides 1,260 direct and indirect jobs to the citizens of Key West and contributes 15 percent of the city’s total tax revenue. For a city with a total population of 22,000, these jobs represent a significant contribution to the overall economy.

Additionally, the Port of Key West supports cruise and ferry activities throughout the state, hosting cruise ships from Miami, Port Everglades, Canaveral, Tampa and Jacksonville as well as ferries from Fort Myers and Marco Island. These passengers are introduced to the unique charm of Key West without contributing vehicular traffic to the overburdened US-1 corridor.

Goals & Objectives

  • Develop and maintain port-of-call facilities to accommodate the needs of the cruise ship industry and its passengers.
  • Maximize the cruise industry and ferry operations benefits and revenues for the city and local businesses.
  • Manage the volume of cruise and ferry passengers to sustain the city’s quality of life and preserve the historic features of old Key West.
  • Design, build, and maintain a world-class park at the Truman Waterfront which serves as the gateway between a major cruise berth and the heart of the city. To be located on the under-utilized 28-acre former site of the Key West Naval Base, the city’s redevelopment of this site into a exceptional urban park will offer both residents and visitors the opportunity to experience the historical origin of Key West, its waterfront.

Current or Planned Investments

The City has completed a study and determined that the T-Pier at Mallory Square must be retrofitted with an additional berthing dolphin in order to reduce cruise ship forces to the main pier. Bidding documents are currently being completed. Construction schedule to begin in 2016.


The City entered into a long term lease with the U.S. Navy for continued docking of the cruise ships at the Outer Mole facility.


U.S. cruise homeports, Florida west coast ferry ports, city of Key West and Monroe County.

Trade Partners

Port of Key West is a cruise port-of-call only.



Providing visitors with a safe, quality experience in the southernmost city while contributing to the economic growth of Key West businesses.