Located in Gulf County, the Port of Port St. Joe offers a deepwater seaport with nearly 1,900 linear feet of frontage. The Port of Port St. Joe is well-suited for bulk and cargo shipments, offering access to rail, the U.S. Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, and state and U.S. highways. Current cargo includes shipping oyster shells to Mississippi and rock to Tampa.

One of the port’s greatest assets is the approximately 300 acres of combined ready-to-be-leased lands adjacent to the bulkheads, and the more than 5,000 acres of land in the port environs available for immediate development. Businesses wishing to establish facilities have plenty of room to build and expand. Additionally, much of the bulkhead area has water, sewer and electric in place. The emerging port anticipates ongoing development, building on established domestic shipments of oyster shells and rock. With much of the basic infrastructure in place, the Port Authority and private partner, The St. Joe Company, have marketing efforts underway to ensure additional investment projects align with defined demand and support identified markets.

Goals & Objectives

  • Dredging of the shipping channel
  • Port expansion and modernization to keep up with increasing domestic and international trade activity in the Panhandle
  • Ensuring recovery from the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill and Hurricane Michael as it is essential to maintain the economic dynamism of the Region and State while increasing employment opportunities and generating critical public revenues

Current or Planned Investments

  • Dredging of the channel to a depth of 35 feet plus 2 feet
  • Repairs to the Rail Line Leading to the Port
  • Construction of a building on Port property for a factory leased to Indie Dwell Florida Home Builders



  • Company Bulkhead
  • The county along with the St. Joe company have built and improved Port facilities to the shipping bulkhead for the loading of timber onto barges
  • Barge shipping of logs out of the Port


North Florida, Alabama and Georgia.

Trade Partners

The recently implemented marketing initiatives are helping identify the Port of Port St. Joe’s trading partners.


To enhance the economic vitality and quality of life in the Port St. Joe area and Northwest Florida region by fostering the growth of domestic and foreign commerce.