The Port St. Pete, located on Tampa Bay, is exploring opportunities to create a multi-use facility that capitalizes on its unique assets within the city of St. Petersburg. These include opportunities to attract research vessels, large yachts and other vessels, as well as to attract and enhance the benefits of marine science/research facilities on port property.

Goals & Objectives

  • Continue to provide and improve port facilities, including terminal, berths, landscaping, parking and public access, to attract revenue-generating users and to expand potential maritime operations.
  • Diversify revenue and similar investment opportunities by creating an atmosphere that will attract research vessels, large yachts and other marine-related businesses that complement each other.
  • Continue to take advantage of the port’s proximity to the adjacent University of South Florida-St. Petersburg, College of Marine Science, the Albert Whitted Airport, U.S. Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg, and a variety of other marine/maritime-oriented entities located close to the port (and which comprise the St. Pete Ocean Team), through joint use and programming, to complement the city’s downtown redevelopment plans.
  • Implement a cost-effective, phased development approach.
  • Obtain funding assistance for capital improvements.

Current or Planned Investments

  • A recent, extensive wharf renovation project will allow the port to operate up to its design condition. This project includes the addition of utilities (power pedestals/electric) along the wharf in order to more fully serve visiting vessels. The port expects this new amenity to attract business.
  • The port is working with the St. Pete Ocean Team to implement the Port Master Plan concept ‘Port Discovery,’ a marine science/research, educationally focused partnership initiative. ‘Port Discovery’ would utilize the Port Terminal Building and would be open to the general public, but would also have a special focus on classroom visits from local schools.


  • Undertook renovation of entire wharf including sheet pile replacement, revetment and installation of utilities (power pedestals) along the wharf for large visiting vessels.
  • Improved port lighting.
  • Completed construction of the SRI Research and Development Center.
  • Implemented security upgrades, including camera coverage of the port.


Port users would come from other parts of Florida and from around the world as the port focuses on marine science/research facilities, research vessels and other types of vessels including large yachts.


To provide safe, clean, attractive commercial port facilities for use by the shipping industry and general public, and to provide research and development capability, thereby increasing economic development opportunities throughout the City of St. Petersburg, the greater Tampa Bay area, and West Central Florida by creating new high-paying maritime jobs in our community, while attracting tourism and other maritime industries to our region.