2023 Florida Seaport Priority Projects=$2.3 Billion


Florida’s Seaports Are Reliable, Resilient and We’re Ready For You


Florida seaports are your U.S. Gateway to the World. Whether your destination is for pleasure or meeting supply chain demands, our 16 seaports are reliable in getting goods from ship to shelf, and getting you to your dream cruise destination. Florida’s ports are resilient.

They use state-of-the-art technology to protect our environment, and protect against Mother Nature, while also ensuring precious cargo like food and fuel are unloaded and delivered on time. And we’re ready for you.

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  • Port Central Gateway Transfer Facility: $70M
  • Northside Uplands Improvement: $32M
  • North Cargo Berth 4 Renovation/Rehabilitation: $50M


  • “Bulkhead Replacements Group 1 (Entrance Channel North Wall/Berths 1,2 & 3)”: $67.2M
  • Slip 1 New Bulkheads and Reconfiguration – Phase 1 (Berths 9&10): $174M
  • New Public Works Facility Building: $53.4M


  • Talleyrand Marine Terminal (TMT) South Terminal Redevelopment: $50M
  • Purchase & Installation of four 50-Gauge Ship to Shore Cranes: $50M
  • 40-North Multipurpose Cargo Terminal Development: $50M


  • Berth 4 Rehabilitation: Restore Full Capacity of Docking Facility: $39.6M
  • Cargo Storage Facilities: Phase II Warehouse 12 Construction & Cargo Pad Construction: $54.7M
  • Berth 10 & 11 Rehabilitation Design: Modernize SW Florida’s Primary Fuel Docking Facilities: $4.8M


  • Cruise Terminal Developments: $981M
  • Cargo Container Yard Infrastructure Improvements: $281M
  • Resilient Inland Cargo Consolidation Center (Miami-Dade County): $72M


  • Demolition/Reconstruction of Warehouses 11 & 12: $10M
  • Construction of Cargo Access & Container Yard: $5M
  • Demolition/Reconstruction of Admin. Buildings to Increase Cargo Capacity: $10M

Port Panama City

  • East Terminal Extension: $16M
  • East Terminal Second Warehouse & Expand Terminal Capacity: $16M
  • West Terminal Bulkhead Rehabilitation: $30M

Port of Pensacola

  • Port of Pensacola NE Quadrant Site Preparation & Development: $4M
  • Maritime High-Performance Center of Excellence Dock Complex: $3.5M
  • Bayou Chico Multipurpose Cargo Terminal Development: $15M

Port Putnam

  • Port Infrastructure Development: $505,000

Port Tampa Bay

  • Hooker’s Point Improvements: Berth 214, Cargo Yard, Turning Basin Expansion, Dredging, Warehouse: $100M
  • East Port Berth Cargo/Yard Expansion, Port Redwing New Berth 301, and Southbay Site Development: $56M
  • Metroport Berth Rehabilitation and Fill: $29M